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I used to be very depressed when I was younger- Maddy, Cannabis Impact Story

Maddy Cannabis Impact Story

I used to be very depressed when I was younger and drank a lot. I would try to drink away my feelings. I did not care about anything else but myself. Used to be very narcissistic as well. I soon started having terrible blackouts. I realized It was from getting no sleep and anxiety. But the bad thing was I couldn’t sleep at night, my thoughts would keep me up. I never talked about my feelings. I thought about how I read that weed can help you sleep, depression, and anxiety. So I got some and tried it. I slept so much better I knew how to handle my depression and knew where it was coming from. No more anxiety attacks. I thought about everyone else and the world instead of myself. I stopped drinking too, my life changed for the good and I started getting out and doing good stuff.

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My husband and I went through a terrible, depressing, stressful period in our lives-Courtney, Cannabis Impact Story

Courtney, Cannabis Impact Story

My husband and I went through a terrible, depressing, stressful period in our lives where we weren’t eating, sleeping, or interacting with anyone or anything. Always laying in bed doing noting. Cannabis was the only thing that would make us sleep and eat. Not only that, but it lifted our moods and now we are doing so, so much better. Without cannabis, who knows where we’d be.

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I have anxiety and depression to start off-Mauricio ,Cannabis Impact Story

Cannabis Impact Story Mauricio

I have anxiety and depression to start off, aside from ADHD that’s been diagnosed for me I have noted a difference in my mood participating in smoking sativa strand herbs and also ingesting them through edibles in moderation. There has been a big help throughout my day to day that helps me function and not forget important dates, be more mindful and make them a point, also multi-task and be productive within my workplace. My schoolwork has become less of a hindrance because I don’t worry as much considering I feel more focused.

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I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I’m 24 years old-Luke Witmer, Cannabis Impact Story

Luke Witmer Cannabis Impact Story

I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I’m 24 years old and had to move back in with my family after getting out of the Marine Corps in 2016. I’ve been married, I’m now divorced, I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter, I have a loving a caring family and only a few, but very close friends. During my time in the Marines, my anxiety and depression began affecting my active lifestyle and seemingly began to take away everything in my life. I got into a very deep, dark hole that I could not get myself out of. Luckily I’ve always been able to count on my family and a couple doctors along the way that would allow me to talk how I was feeling out. I got medically separated after 4 years in the Marines, and thought I was in the clear to live a happy life, working a great job, living with my family and daughter without a second thought. Again, things began to change for the worse. I was finding it increasingly difficult to wake up motivated and happy. I was waking up in physical agony, in tears almost every morning because of the things I couldn’t control going through my brain. There was a span of a few months where I didn’t have custody of my daughter for a while, I had to put my dog down, a close friend lost his life to the violence in Baltimore, my grandfather passed away… and with all these things happening in my life, my anxiety has kept me from being able to go out and about with my daughter and family and friends. It’s kept me from attending funerals and weddings… Socializing like a normal 20-some year old does. I had to stop working my job because I was hardly able to make the drive to work without panicking. I don’t even step foot outside of my neighborhood at this point because my anxiety in vehicles is so bad. I began to fall back into that deep dark hole that I thought I was slowly crawling out of. My most memorable moment with weed was one night I was sitting outside in my backyard with a blunt, not yet lit. My daughter had just left to be with her mother for a while. I was looking around at all of her toys in the backyard and couldn’t choke back my emotions. I didnt want to be alive in that moment. It was the first time I felt like everything had been taken away from me. I began to smoke the blunt that I had rolled and everything just relaxed. My mind, my body… I started to think in a more creative, positive, optimistic mindset and since that day, no one will ever be able to take away that marijuana has saved my life. There have been numerous instances when I could not control my thoughts, and marijuana has been the miracle to walk me off a ledge. As someone who was strongly against weed as a drug in high school (no pun intended), I no longer understand how people can hold a stigma or negative opinion towards such a beautiful, naturally healing, life changing plant.

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Cannabis helps with everything I naturally lack-Jessica-Brown ,Cannabis Impact Story

Jessica Brown Cannabis Impact Story

Cannabis helps with everything I naturally lack and or needs improvement, all in one or two doses. If it isn’t for depression and a sleep aid, it is used for the scars on my face. If I am having a panic attack or need to work extra hard on a creative project. Cannabis isn’t just to make social scenes less awkward and more enjoyable, when an introvert, like me, but it is medicine, first and always.

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I was facing severe issues with my family, was in a toxic relationship-Grxzzly, Cannabis Impact Story

Grxzzly Cannabis Impact Story

I was facing severe issues with my family, was in a toxic relationship , and stressed from a 9-5 job. At the time I was finishing an album, but the weight of my issues caused serious writers block. It was until I rolled a fat joint of “Jack Herrera” that my creativity and confidence took a boost. I was me again, I felt distressed, and most importantly free.

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