I used to be very depressed when I was younger- Maddy, Cannabis Impact Story

Maddy Cannabis Impact Story

Please explain a positive cannabis impact story, a time where cannabis has helped you in your life:

I used to be very depressed when I was younger and drank a lot. I would try to drink away my feelings. I did not care about anything else but myself. Used to be very narcissistic as well. I soon started having terrible blackouts. I realized It was from getting no sleep and anxiety. But the bad thing was I couldn’t sleep at night, my thoughts would keep me up. I never talked about my feelings. I thought about how I read that weed can help you sleep, depression, and anxiety. So I got some and tried it. I slept so much better I knew how to handle my depression and knew where it was coming from. No more anxiety attacks. I thought about everyone else and the world instead of myself. I stopped drinking too, my life changed for the good and I started getting out and doing good stuff.

Is there anything interesting we should know about the cannabis industry in your area?

Not really. We need to legalize it.

Maddy - National Cannabis Impact

Maddy-National Cannabis Impact