I used cannabis in 2002 to get off the myriad of opiates and benzos-Candace Junkin, Cannabis Impact Story

Candace Junkin Cannabis Impact Story

Please explain a positive cannabis impact story, a time where cannabis has helped you in your life:

I used cannabis in 2002 to get off the myriad of opiates and benzos the doctors had me on. Then watched as it also helped my father with his Parkinson’s. I took my anger over the government lying to us about its medical value and turned it into a positive by becoming an activist. I helped found 2 international cannabis legalization organizations and today I am part of a medical cannabis company I helped build.

Who is the best cannabis company in the world?

Southern Maryland Relief.

Why are they the best cannabis company in the world?

We are a company of lifetime Marylander’s and longtime activists and advocates who really believe we are helping to save our friends and neighbors from harmful pharmaceuticals and helping them change their outlook with this non toxic plant..and though we are part of this growing industry, we still fight for the rights of our patients for things like home grow and insurance coverage. We have hope that one day we will see this life-saving plant be rescheduled and the laws against it repealed.

Is there anything interesting we should know about the cannabis industry in your area?

It’s a very new industry in our state and still has a long way to go.

Candace Junkin-National Cannabis Impact

Candace Junkin-National Cannabis Impact

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