Cannabis had enabled me to take my life back-Xen, Cannabis Impact Story

Xen Cannabis Impact Story

Please explain a positive cannabis impact story, a time where cannabis has helped you in your life:

Cannabis had enabled me to take my life back after almost becoming crippled by a late Rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. It has ensured that I could eat, laugh, love and cry again after having nephropathy, joint pain and inflammation that is currently medically controlled in a combination of chemotherapy has taken so much of my joy away. I’ve lost so much but am regaining my love of creating, as well establishing myself as a cannabis educator, caregiver, and blogger. I want to help normalize cannabis‘ presence especially for women of color and other minorities who have talents that are able to shine through cannabis such as culinary, business and even working with hemp.

Who is the best cannabis company in the world?


Why are they the best cannabis company in the world?

They have shown so much consistency for me that I haven’t had a product that hasn’t delivered yet
Is there anything interesting we should know about the cannabis industry in your area?

It’s very infantile but it’s growing quickly and I can’t wait to be a bigger part of it.

Xen-National Cannabis Impact

Xen-National Cannabis Impact

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