6 years ago when I couldn’t afford health insurance-Kerrie, Cannabis Impact Story

Kerrie-National Cannabis Impact

Please explain a positive cannabis impact story, a time where cannabis has helped you in your life:

I started having more of an interest in cannabis 6 years ago when I couldn’t afford health insurance. I am 46 years old. Call me a late bloomer but I never had an interest because it was so “illegal”. However, I suffer from anxiety, depression and chronic teeth pain. I dabbled in cannabis over the years (on the DL) but didn’t realize the true benefit from it. Cannabis has helped me with all my medical issues, as well as peace of mind, knowing it’s natural. I truly can say cannabis has made me a happier person! #legalize everywhere #natural medicine

Who is the best cannabis company in the world?

I don’t have an answer because I don’t know. I’ve only tried a few places.

Is there anything interesting we should know about the cannabis industry in your area?

Wish VA would legalize soon!

Kerrie-National Cannabis Impact

Kerrie-National Cannabis Impact